Team Canada Hall of Fame

The Intel International Science & Engineering Fair recognises three students each year as the best young students in the fair.  The current description of these awards reads:

The Gordon E. Moore Award $75 000 recognizes the Best of the Best among the outstanding students from around the world who participate in the Intel ISEF. The finalist with the winning project is selected on the basis of outstanding and innovative research, as well as on the potential impact of their work on the field and on the world at large.

Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award $50 000 recognizes these two finalists selected for their commitment to innovation in tackling challenging scientific questions, using authentic research practices, and creating solutions to the problems of tomorrow.

We celebrate the members of Team Canada - ISEF who have earned this singular recognition.

Year Name Project Title City Prov
2001 Francis Boulva
Galactic Champagne : Morphology, Dynamics and Evolution of a Cluster of Bubbles Mt. Royal QC
2003 Anila Madiraju Silencing Cancer with RNA Montreal QC
2012 Nicholas Schiefer Apodora: Markov Chain-Inspired Microsearch Pickering ON
2015 Raymond Wang Aircraft Cabin Airflow: Curbing Disease Transmission Vancouver BC
2015 Nicole Ticea Point-of-Care Low-Cost Disposable Device for Nucleic Acid Testing of HIV: Sample-to-Answer in 60 Min Burnaby BC
2016 Austin Wang Metatranscriptomic Analysis of Gene Expression of Exoelectrogens in Microbial Fuel Cells Vancouver BC