Team Canada-ISEF 2012 Announced

Sun, 2012-03-18 23:00 -- Reni Barlow

Eighteen of Canada’s top high school scientists have been selected by Youth Science Canada to represent the country at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) from May 12-19 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Intel ISEF is the world’s largest science fair.

Team Canada-ISEF 2012 was selected by a distinguished panel of 17 university faculty, industry researchers, educators and Team Canada-ISEF alumni through a competitive national selection process that began in October and concluded today as part of Youth Science Month.

Last year, Team Canada-ISEF brought home 17 awards, including nine Grand Awards. Since 1995, approximately 80% of Team Canada-ISEF members have won awards - a remarkable record of achievement at this level of competition.

This year’s Team Canada-ISEF includes 5 Intel ISEF veterans and 13 newcomers from Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Québec, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan. They are (left to right, top to bottom in photo):

  • Dheevesh Arulmani - Mississauga ON

    Irradiation Based Single Stage Electro-Oxidation for Novel Enhancement of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

  • Sruti Arulmani - Mississauga ON

    Co-inoculation of S.oneidensis and G.sulfurreducens for Novel Microbial Fuel Cell Enhancement

  • Camille Champigny - Ammon NB

    Effects of novel Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Inhibitors on Breast Cancer Cell lines

  • Christina Ding - Waterloo ON

    The effects of Lycium barbarum on the formation of cataracts

  • Howard Feng - Richmond Hill ON

    In Silico Analysis of Functional and Structural Impacts of nsSNPs in Genes Involved in IBD

  • Lloyd James - Surrey BC

    The Mutable Slipnet: An Experiment in Simulated Analogous Thinking

  • Jean-Michel Laliberté - Boucherville QC

    DomoWeb: Automatised house II

  • Claire Longcroft - West Vancouver BC

    The Skid Lid Helmet Helper

  • Christopher Nielsen - Calgary AB

    Real-Time Optical Ego-Motion Estimation through Robust Planar Tracking

  • Adam Noble - Lakefield ON

    Euglena: The Solution to Nanosilver Pollution

  • Lauren Reid - Uxbridge ON

    Directing and accelerating natural airflows to increase airfoil circulation and generate more lift

  • Adam Mofeed Sawan - London ON

    A Geochemical and Geomicrobiological Examination of the Red Sea- Dead Sea Canal

  • Nicholas Schiefer - Pickering ON

    Apodora: Markov Chain-Inspired Microsearch

  • Sarthak Sinha - Calgary AB

    Assessing The Potential of Skin Derived Schwann Cells For Peripheral Nerve Remyelination

  • Rui Song - Saskatoon SK

    Mendel’s Lentils: Identification and Analysis of the Zero-Tannin Gene in Lentil

  • Sandro Young - Ottawa ON

    Caspar: A Natural Language Understanding Algorithm Based on Isomorphic Language Trees

  • Marshall Zhang - Markham ON

    Correction of F508del-CFTR by the small molecule C18 and its synergy with other corrector compounds

  • Yichen Zhang - Richmond BC

    Citracil: The Anti-Colorectal Cancer Activity of an Essential Oil from Lemongrass

Team Canada-ISEF is a program of Youth Science Canada and is generously supported by Intel of Canada.