Manning Innovation Awards gala honours Young Canadian Innovators

Fri, 2016-10-21 16:37 -- Reni Barlow


Last night's 2016 Manning Innovation Awards gala in Halifax honoured the four recipients of the Young Canadian Innovator Awards selected at the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) this past May.

During the ceremony, each young innovator received $7,500 toward their post-secondary education and addressed the distinguished audience of over 400, which included 2015 Nobel Laureate, Dr. Arthur McDonald and 2016 principal ($100,000) Manning Innovation Award recipient, Dr. Michel Bergeron, recognized for his groundbreaking work in reducing antibiotic resistance through rapid testing for bacteria using DNA rather than cultures.

The Young Canadian Innovator Award recipients (left to right in the photo) were:

  • Amit Scheer, 17, of Ottawa, ON, for his nanobiotechnology research that developed a novel scaffold vaccination platform, drastically improving the efficiency of how our immune system is recruited, activated and targeted;
  • Aoife Pucchio, 17, of London, ON, for developing a prototype process for municipalities to efficiently transport waste Styrofoam to a centralized facility for recycling into a highly reusable plastic;
  • Lucas Penny, 17, of Grimsby, ON, for his low-cost system for detecting breast cancer in its early stages; and
  • Devanshi Shukla, 18, of Guelph, ON, for developing a biosensor for the detection of microbial contamination.

Congratulations to these outstanding young innovators!

Follow the link for more information on the Ernest C. Manning Innovation Awards.