Canada's team to Intel ISEF 2014

Team Canada 2014 represented this country at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair from May 11-16 in Los Angeles, California.

Name Project Title City Prov

Danila Alferov

Perception of Facial Expression of Emotion
Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology: First Award of $2,500

London ON

Alexander Deans

Aid: A Novel Multimodal, Cloud - Based Navigation System for the Visually Impaired
Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering: Second Award of $1,500
West Virginia University: Renewable Tuition Scholarship Awards

Windsor ON
Meagan Fabel Fun in the Sun: Increasing Gratzel Efficiency using Diatomaceous Earth
Energy and Transportation: Third Award of $1,000;
King Abdul-Aziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity:Second Award of $2,500
Windsor ON

Ben Friesen

A System for the Automatic Detection and Counting of Greenhouse Pests

Grimsby ON
Varsha Jayasankar

Identification of Novel Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Compounds in Curcuma amada
Microbiology: Fourth Award of $500
American Society for Microbiology:  Fourth Award of $750

St Catharines ON

Ann Makosinski

The Hollow Flashlights - Head and Hand
Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical: Second Award of $1,500
King Abdul-Aziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity: First Award of $3,000
National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Third Award of $1,000
SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics:  First Award of $2,500

Victoria BC

Daniel Mogilny

Tw-Lexa: A Novel Multifactor Social Media Analysis Algorithm
Computer Science: Fourth Award of $500
European Organization for Nuclear Research-CERN: All expense paid trip to tour CERN

Richmond Hill ON

Sujay Nagaraj

Treating GBM BTSCs through Growth Factor Stimulation and Drug-Polymer Conjugate Therapy

Medicine and Health Sciences: Third Award of $1,000

Calgary AB

Amit Scheer

Personalized Medicine: A Novel Quantum Dot Bioconjugate Targeted Cancer Therapy
Medicine and Health Sciences Fourth Award of $500

Gloucester ON

Duncan Stothers

Nanofluid CPU Cooling:  Novel Block Design
Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical:  First Award of $3,000

Vancouver BC

Nicole Ticea

Isothermal nucleic acid amplification system for point-of-care HIV diagnosis
Medicine and Health Sciences:  Second Award of $1,500
Fundació Víctor Grífols i Lucas: First Award of $5,000

Vancouver BC

Adamo Young

Production of an oncolytic virus enhancer protein using a bacterial and a viral platform

Ottawa ON