Canada's team to Intel ISEF 2015

Team Canada 2015 represented this country at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair from May 10-16 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Name Project Title City Prov

Candace Brooks-Da Silva

A Biomimetic Non-Planar Approach to Reducing Induced Drag From Trailing Vortices

AWARDS :  SECOND PLACE $1,500, Alternate for CERN Trip, National Aeronautics & Space Administration Top Award $5,000, SOCIETY OF EXPERIMENTAL TEST PILOTS $500

Windsor ON

Emily Cross

Patination of Raw Lithic Material for Analysis of Prehistoric Artifacts

AWARDS:  Fourth Place $500, American Geosciences Institute $1,000

Thunder Bay ON
Ben Friesen Improving Crypto; a Novel Smartphone Based Entropy Generator          

AWARDS:  Oracle Academy $5,000

Grimsby ON

Ann Makosinski

The e-Drink – Capturing Electricity From Beverages

AWARDS:  Fourth Place $500, Patent & Trademark Office Society $500

Victoria BC

Daniel McInnis

Picture This: A Novel Approach to Limb Donor Matching, Prosthetic Design and Bone Allografts

AWARDS:  Third Place $1,000

Ottawa ON

Aditya Mohan 

Development Of A Novel Oncolytic Virus For Cancer Treatment And Diagnosis

AWARDS:  First Place $3,000, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists $2,000 

Ottawa ON

Avinash Pandey

Impact of Burst Exercise on Cardiometabolic Status of Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetics

Waterloo ON

Janice Pang 

miRNAs as biomarkers of IAPP-induced inflammation in type 2 diabetes

AWARDS:  Fourth Place $500

Coquitlam BC

Amit Scheer

Targeted Immunomodulatory Antigen-Adjuvant Nanoparticle: An Effective Therapeutic Cancer Vaccination

AWARDS:  Second Place $1,500

Ottawa ON

Duncan Stothers

The FIRST Frame: Personalized Front Impact Reduction System for Bicycles

AWARDS:  Second Place $1,500, sustainable Design In Transportation $2,500, Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc. $1,500

Vancouver BC

Nicole Ticea

Point-of-Care Low-Cost Disposable Device for Nucleic Acid Testing of HIV: Sample-to-Answer in 60 Min

AWARDS:  GRAND AWARD - The Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award $50,000, Cultural & Scientific Visit to China Award, Best In Category (Biomedical & Health Sciences) $5,000, FIRST PLACE $3,000, China Association for Science & Technology $1,200, U.S. Agency for International Development $10,000

Burnaby BC

Raymond Wang

Aircraft Cabin Airflow: Curbing Disease Transmission

AWARDS:  Grand Award - The Gordon E. Moore Award $75,000, CULTURAL & SCIENTIFIC VISIT TO CHINA AWARD, BEST IN CATEGORY (Engineering Mechanics) $5,000, First Place $3,000, NATIONAL AERONAUTICS & SPACE ADMINISTRATION $1,000, Society of Experimental Test Pilots $1,000, United Technologies Corporation $3,000 in shares of UTC common stock

Vancouver BC