Canada's team to Intel ISEF 2002

Team Canada 2002 represented this country at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair from May 12-18 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Name Project Title City Prov
Neha Datta Tracking Neural Stem Cell Expansion in Bioreactor Suspensions  
Engineering: Second Award of $1,500
Ashtavadhani Vidwan Ambati Subbaraya Chetty (AVASC) Foundation:  Award of $500 U.S. Savings Bond
Calgary AB
Julia Frenette, The Effect of Thinning on Apple Quality 
American Society for Horticultural Science: Third Award of $100
Canning NS
Spencer Hughes Water mining: A Resource for the Future  
Engineering: Fourth Award of $500
American Geological Institute: First Award of $1,000
South Porcupine ON
Aaron Judah Quantum Dot Interactions  
Physics: Third Award of $1,000
Scarborough ON
Pencilla Lang Fibre Optic Smart Skin  
Intel Foundation Achievement Awards. Awards of $5,000
 Engineering: Third Award of $1,000
IEEE-Louisville Section: Award of $100
Optical Society of America: Honorable Mention Award
Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development: Award of $1,000 and a trip to meet Schlumberger scientists and an internship.
London ON
Anila Madiraju Our Hero is Bak Brossard QC
Desmond Ngai A Novel Pathogenic Diagnostic Computer Program  
Medicine and Health: Third Award of $1,000
Scarborough QC
Crystal Pinto Anti-Oxidents - Effects on Microglia Activation  
Microbiology: Fourth Award of $500
Markham ON
Aaswath Raman Forest tree Density Estimating System  
Engineering: Fourth Award of $500
Calgary AB
Jonathan Sick Adaptive Telescope Control using Star-Pattern Recognition  
Earth and Space Sciences:  Second Award of $1,500
United Technologies Corporation: UTC Common Stock worth about $2000
Calgary AB
Eva Vertes Inhibition of Programmed Cell Death by Purine-derivative
Medicine and Health: Intel ISEF Best of Category Award of $5,000.  and a high-performance computer. Additionally, a $1,000 grant will be given to their school and the Intel ISEF Affiliated fair they represent.  First Award of $3,000
Hamilton ON