Canada's team to Intel ISEF 2001

Team Canada 2001 represented this country at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair from May 7-11 in San Jose , California.

Name Project Title City Prov
Philippe Beauchamp  3D Computerized-assisted Control of a Robotic Arm Laval QC
Josh Borts,
Joseph Lallouz
Stop, Look, Listen 
Acoustical Society of America: Honorable Mention Awards
Montreal QC
Francis Boulva Galactic Champagne : Morphology, Dynamics and Evolution of a Cluster of Bubbles 
Intel Young Scientist Scholarships:  Scholarships of $50,000  Winners will receive a mobile computer with an 850 MHz Intel (r) Pentium (r) III processor.
Earth and Space Sciences: Third Award of $1,000
American Astronautical Society: First Award of $500, a plaque and a two-year AAS student membership
Society for Technical Communication: Award of $100 for Merit in a Written Report
Mt. Royal QC
Francis Chung Autonomous Navigation Through Genetic Programming Ottawa ON
James Fraser,
Andrew Smith
Base Pair Baseball: Simulations in DNA Computation 
Team Projects: Second Award of $1,500
Sigma XI, The Scientific Research Society: First Award of $900
Toronto ON
Gibson Gervais Matryoshka: Recycling Agricultural Wastewater and Pulp and Paper Industry Waste to Create a Bio-engineered Soil Supplement Amhurstberg ON
Heather Hughson Not with a Bang 
Physics: Fourth Award of $500
St. Agatha ON
Alexis Lussier Desbiens Rox 544v2 Walking Like an Insect - A complex System Design 
Engineering: Second Award of $1,500
American Association for Artificial Intelligence: Award of $1,000
Plessisville QC
Salvatore Mottillo Phages: The Ultimate Cure 
Albert B. Sabin Vaccine Institute: Award of $500
Montreal QC
Geoffrey Olynyk R.E.A.L.E. Global Warming Solutions II 
Engineering: Second Award of $1,500
Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc.: Second Award of $250
Burlington ON
Romina Perri Resveratrol for the Prevention of Cancer 
Medicine and Health: Third Award of $1,000
Montreal QC
Oleg Shamovsky Cathodic Oxidation of Aluminum 
Chemistry: Third Award of $1,000
ASM International Foundation: Award of $1,000 and a trip to Materials Camp
NACE International: First Award of $500
Kingston QC
Alexaandra Soroceanu Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein (CETP) in humans with various degrees of glucose tolerance 
Medicine and Health: Fourth Award of $500
Endocrine Society: Honorable Mention Award
Magog QC
Janet Wan Bacterial Interference: A new approach to fighting Bacterial Infections 
Georgia-Pacific Health Smart Institute: Award of $1,000 and a certificate
London ON