NYSF Australia 2011 - Brisbane

Thu, 2010-12-30 00:00 -- Dominic Tremblay

Late yesterday night, we arrived in Brisbane, after a journey on two buses and a train. Today was a beautiful (but altogether too hot) day. Our host, Isabella says that this is the first nice day that they have had in a long time! The skies part for the crazy Canadians!

Isabella and her two brothers, Jack and Darcy, took us to a Koala sanctuary, which also had kangaroos, emus, crocodiles, turtles, birds, and snakes. We could actually go up and pet the kangaroos, and Robert, who kick-boxes, took a picture squaring off with one. The most astonishing thing for me, however, was that there were almost as many exotic animals outside the fences as there were inside! Wild turkeys, ibis, cockatoos, and large lizards roamed free!

We spent the rest of the day in Isabella’s swimming pool, cooling off and playing pool games.