Application Process

The selection process for Team Canada-ISEF has multiple steps:

1. Initial Email Invitation and Reminders (September, October and November)

All students who have attended a previous CWSF, and who are still in High School or Cégep I or II will be invited to submit an application to Team Canada-ISEF. Other high school and Cégep students are also welcome to apply.

2. Download ISEF Rules

ISEF Rules are very strict and you must be familiar with them before you apply to Team Canada. Download the International Rules and Guidelines. Once you've read the rules and decided to go for it...

3. Tell us you're planning to apply RIGHT AWAY!

Send an email to Team Canada-ISEF telling us that you plan to apply. A mentor can help by reviewing your proposal, but this works best BEFORE you start your research.

4. Log in to your online account.

As soon as you tell us that you plan to apply, a Team Canada-ISEF Applicant account will be created for you in the online registration system. If you have participated in the CWSF, it will look very familiar. You will be asked to provide your basic contact information, a tentative project title and to download, complete and re-upload the ISEF forms required for your project.

5. Team Canada Applicants

All applicants must submit a full set of forms to the Team Canada online registration system by December 15. Students who submit a full set of forms will proceed to Round One as Team Canada Applicants. The entire process is completed online.

6. Selection Process - Round One

The Selection Committee for Round One will read all the Research Plans, and select the top thirty or so projects to proceed to Round Two. All Applicants will be contacted, and the successful Applicants promoted in the online registration system to Team Canada Candidates. This will be completed by 15 January.

7. Team Canada Candidates

Each Candidate will submit a report and a PowerPoint or PDF presentation by the deadline, which is two weeks prior to selection day in March.  You are responsible for ensuring that your forms are free of all errors.

8. Selection Process - Round Two

On selection day, each candidate will be interviewed on the telephone by a panel of judges, who will base their selection of Team Canada Finalists on the report, the presentation, and the interview.

Successful Candidates will be promoted in the online registration system to Team Canada Finalists who will participate in Virtual Regeneron ISEF. (There will be no travel to ISEF 2021.)

9. Team Canada Finalists

Team Canada-ISEF Finalists are encouraged to check their emails twice a day because there will be many sets of instructions given, with very tight deadlines.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions