Day 3B - MILSET ESI 2011

Mer, 2011-07-20 19:22 -- Team Canada-MILSET

Our day started off bright and early. After catching the bus on time, we gathered swiftly in the Incheba Exhibit Hall and had a powwow with the Quebec delegation. Here, we planned our performance for the Cultural Evening and decided on future meetings. Patrick made our meet so much more exceptional when an employee of the Exhibit Hall asked us to leave. Instead of conforming to the Slovak demands, he replied happily: “We need a place to rehearse, and this is terrific!”

The rest of our morning was spent in the Exhibit Hall. The atmosphere is fantastic – everything is relaxed and the people here are all so kind and interesting. The Canadians mingled with various cultures, traded pins, and kindled new friendships.

At 12 PM, we went out for lunch. Our delegation took advantage of the boxed lunch and ate on the go on the way to the enormous Bratislava Mall. We spent lots of money on awesome Slovakian things. We headed back to the exhibit hall and found an entourage of BMWs and TV cameras which were escorting the president into the exhibition hall. Many of us followed the president around the hall hoping to capture a glimpse of him or even get a picture with him. Many of us were eventually successful and able to get a picture with the president. We spent the rest of the afternoon touring the hall and swarming other countries with Canadian enthusiasm.

When our time at the exhibit hall was through, we gathered to set off on a tour of downtown Bratislava with our extremely helpful guide, Michael. First, we stopped at a mall to grab something to eat for supper. Many were adventurous and decided to try some Slovak delicacies. Following our dinner, we began walking to the city centre where we saw many historical buildings and picturesque views. Walking through this area was truly remarkable and really helped us to feel the true atmosphere of the city. We decided to make the climb up to Bratislava Castle to enjoy the majestic building and its views. Seeing the castle in the evening with low lighting made it even more memorable. Deciding to take advantage of local public transport, we took a tram back to the dorms where we settled in for the night.

Tomorrow promises to be an exciting day, especially with the cultural evening!

Megan, Angela, Grace, Joan :)