NYSF Australia 2012 - Adelaide

Tue, 2011-12-27 13:50 -- Jessie MacAlpine

Yesterday, after a beautiful walk through the rainforest by the Blue Mountains in Sydney, we drove to the airport for our flight to Adelaide. After a few flight malfunctions (as the Sydney Airport is infamously known for), we boarded our Qantas flight to Adelaide. Upon landing, we excitedly greeted Kristina and went on a driving tour of the city. We then unpacked, and went to bed.

This morning we were able to sleep in until 8:00! We ate a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, cereal and Australian juice, then we left for Clealand Conservation Park where we bought food and fed kangaroos and emus! We were able to pet and hold koalas (who are extremely soft)! It was AMAZING! Especially seeing the kangaroos and their joeys hopping around the open and spacious spark. Unlike a zoo, the conservation area was outside in the real Australian wilderness so that if the animals are feeling particularly unfriendly, they do not have to approach their curious visitors.

We are currently watching Australia vs India in cricket, eating sandwiches with more fresh fruit. After lunch, we're heading out for shopping and then a meet up with some of the students who will be attending the National Youth Science Forum. Tonight, we will have a traditional Aussie BBQ! Can't wait!

Canada is represented at the 2012 Australian National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) by three students selected at the 2011 Canada-Wide Science Fair: Jessie MacAlpine of Woodstock, ON, Moriah Harvey of Nipigon, ON, and Shaun MacDonald of Tulita, NT.